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Signature facials

Teenager facial $49

Teens only

With puberty, most teens get their first skin problems such as impurities and oily skin. This is the perfect time to start to take care of your skin and we can help you get started a skincare routine suitable for you. 

This soothing 30 minute facial consists of a deep cleanse, an enzyme peel, skin clearing mask, and creams to help calm redness and breakouts.

Face Care

Mela Wave Facial $129


The Mela Wave Treatment gently brightens existing hyperpigmentation.  New pigment spots are prevented. At the same time, the cell regeneration is stimulated and the skin is supplied with moisturizing and vitalizing ingredients. The result is a radiant and even skin in 60 minutes. 

Man Getting a Facial

Hydra maximum splash treatment $139

Refreshing treatment for moisture lacking and dry skin

This treatment supplies the skin sustainably and intensively with moisture. Wrinkles caused by dryness and feelings of tension are noticeably reduced. The result is a supple and radiant skin. The highly effective products of the Hydrating line provide the skin with new energy and radiance. The eye area is refreshed with a cooling eye fluid.

Highlight of the treatment is the following massage with Ice Balls – for the extra fresh kick.


Ageless Future Facial $159

Vitalizing treatment for fine lines and demanding skin

Through the Ageless Future Treatment together with the products of the Vitality line, the skin is noticeably strengthened. It becomes smoother, suppler and gets a youthful, fresh appearance. The skin receives not only the maximum care during the treatment, but is also supplied with innovative anti-aging ingredients.


Black Clearing Treatment $189

Clearing, skin-refining treatment for impure and oily as well as mixed skin

Through the combination of deep cleansing and detoxification, the Black Clearing Treatment provides a clean and pure skin. Existing impurities are removed and the formation of new ones prevented. In addition, impurities and fats of the skin are bound and blocked pores released. The result is a radiant and beautiful skin.


ADD ON to other facials

Algo Vital Mask $29
LED light therapy $29

  • Dr. med. Schrammek Algo Vital Algae Mask (New Formula) is an algae-based mask for demanding, dehydrated, tired skin.  It is also excellent for partial body treatments, example, cellulite treatments. No parabens, mineral oil, colorants or fragrances. 

  • LED light chosen for your skin concern - add 15 minutes to your treatment. 

To book please type ALGOMASK and/or LED under message when booking other facials. This way we can allocate extra time to your session. 

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